Anodised Aluminium Digital Nameplates, Serial Number Plates

Anodised Aluminium printed products are graffiti proof, scratch proof and tamper proof.

Each anodised aluminium nameplate can be customised, including serial numbering, batch identification, QR or bar-coding.  This process is ideal for outdoor use as the printed image is sealed in the pores of the aluminium, ensuring longevity.

Our products have been independently tested in accelerated weathering chambers and results have shown that the hours tested equate to 20+ years.

Hisun specialises in dye anodised aluminium nameplates and rating plates used in the Agricultural, Engineering, Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. We offer custom sizes, styles, colours, and material specifications.

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  • Aluminium plates and information signs
  • Industrial signage
  • Automotive components and asset tags
  • Directional signs & Safety notices
  • Bar-coding & QR Coding
  • Control centre and monitoring consoles
  • Analytical equipment, devices, medical equipment
  • Automation/plant engineering and construction

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Rúnaí Cill Mocheanog
Thank You very much for all Your help,support and generous contribution to the signageboth inside and outside our new clubhouse.Your contribution is very much appreciatedby everyone in the club.