Health & Industrial Safety Signs – Labels and Printing

Hisun Technologies can supply any type of health and safety sign in aluminium, pvc plastic, vinyl or polycarbonate including illuminated and photo luminescent safety signage and hazardous substance / marine pollutant labels.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 set out requirements for safety signs and signals which must be used at all workplaces when hazards cannot be avoided or adequately reduced.

Mandatory health and Industrial safety signage includes fire safety signs, prohibition signs, construction site safety signs, First Aid signs, and hazard signs. Signboards use a combination of shape, colour and a symbol or pictogram, and should not contain text as the symbols or pictograms should be understood independently of literacy or language ability. Only information authorised in the Regulations may be displayed on safety signs at workplaces.

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Rúnaí Cill Mocheanog
Thank You very much for all Your help,support and generous contribution to the signageboth inside and outside our new clubhouse.Your contribution is very much appreciatedby everyone in the club.