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How we create our Anodised Aluminium printed products.

The Metal

This is a close-up of the pores in the surface of our aluminium. We source the very best aluminium alloy for our jobs. This sheet metal is anodised in laboratory conditions to provide a consistent pore depth. The result is an anodised layer that is deeper (20 microns) and more stable than any other source.

Photographic Images

Here the metal has been dyed and the pores are filled with the colours that make up the image. We produce true photographic images with 1400×1400 dpi resolution. Whether you need full colour, solid colour or black, the image is equal to offset printing. Photos are sharper than the screen printed process, and our photos have natural colours and flesh tones, ‘true’ photo imaging!


Immediately after the image is produced into the metal, it goes through a thermo/chemical sealing process. This step locks the image in the metal and creates an anodic layer which seals off the surface of the aluminium. This final part of the process renders the product highly resistant to sunlight (UV), salt spray, extreme heat, chemicals, fungi, general environmental degradation (rain, wind, dust, atmospheric pollution) and graffiti.

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Technical Information:

  • Production Method: Digital anodised aluminium printing
  • Materials: Aluminium
  • Thickness of Materials: 0.3 – 5.0mm
  • Printing: Single and multi-coloured
  • Surfaces: Transparent anodised
  • Surface Protection: Protective Oxide Film
  • Quantity: Single one-off or bulk orders
  • Deliverable as: Single item if required
  • Delivery date: Short term, on request

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